T18 Toyota Celica Convertible 3S-GTE

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    Hi everyone!

    Its always nice to see celica communities all over the world, and finally Ive seem to have found a nice community in Germany as well.

    And I need your help!

    I have a 1991 2.0 Toyota Celica Convertible with the 3S-GE engine.
    I have bought a 3S-GTE 3gen JDM GT4 ST205 engine and will swap it with the 3S-GE.

    But I need your help to make this road/street-legal.

    Do anyone know about anyone else that have done this swap?
    I need papers/documents saying that this has been done and are legal for road.


    I found this car that states it has the documents I need, but I havent been able to reach/make contact with them yet.

    Is this a car you know about?
    Can anyone help me with this?

    This has been my dream for many years and I can finally see it on the horizon.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    Much regards from Norway.

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